Japan is a beautiful country and I’m a cooking Jamaican in Japan.

Class is in session

If I were to highlight one pleasurable thing, it would be viewing the seasonal changes on the mountains, which I often watched from my window when I lived in Kyushu.

spring mountain
The spring mountain (Fukuchi yama) dotted with blossoming trees.

 Summer surrenders his shimmering heat to Autumn’s cool caresses and the rustle of her colorful foliage then she abandons him. Autumn sheds her fading garments in turn, to welcome Winter’s icy advances and he overwhelms her. Winter spreads his white comforter everywhere, yet it eventually fades to reveal Spring and her delightful blossoms. Spring eventually relents to Summer’s overt advances and the quadrangle persists.

Most of my experiences here have been great so far. The most challenging things have been the language and finding suitable substitutes to authentically cook Jamaican in Japan. I’d like to think I’ve have managed well on both thus far.

Stores such as Kaldi & Costco, as well as the local farmer’s markets, have been great for me but I also rely on imports from back home via family and friends.

Come journey with me as I share my food and experiences cooking Jamaican in Japan.


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