You’d never in a million years guess what I found at the farmer’s market. Yes! Bird Pepper. I found a whole plant.

Bird Pepper Tree
the tag says Mexican chili


Bird Pepper is THE most authentic Jamaican pepper taste for any pot. Bird Pepper existed before the Scotchbonnet pepper, which only made its debut in the centuries after the European colonization of the Caribbean. In fact, bird pepper existed in Jamaica before Jamaica was Jamaica.

Bird Pepper was there with the 1st Nation Yamaye Tainos who were the original pre-Columbian Jamaicans and this is what they used to pepper their meats. The Taino warriors also made gourd grenades from this.

Yamaye is a pre-columbus Taino word for the land of wood and water, and was the name for Jamaica when the Tainos were at the height of their existence. Xamayca (some say Xaymaca) is also of Taino origin and was used for Jamaica as well.

But enough of the Jamaican history lesson. I found BIRD PEPPER in Japan. I’m as happy as a mud-finch in a sudden downpour.


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